What kind of place was Sanzen-in?
What do people think about?
What kind of future did they pray for?

ON THE TRIP’s audio guide is here to navigate your trip to Sanzen-in.

Experience Sanzen-in as it were hundreds of years ago with the guide,
and then write your wishes to yourself
3 years in the future the tatami room.

Before long, those words will become your charm,
and your journey will begin.

3 years after your special experience at Sanzen-in Temple, those words will come back to you,in a new light.

Enjoy a journey unique to this world.


The Ōjōgokuraku-in Temple found here in Sanzen-in is in its own little world.
It was a place to wish for an afterlife in the Pure Land.

The thought of a future where you hold hands with Buddha is what saved you.

Some people wish for a healthy future.
Some wish for a happy future with a lover.
Some wish for the safety of their families.
And some wish for power.

“Sanzen” literally translates to “three thousand”, derived from the teaching that states, “In one moment exists three thousand thoughts.”
Among those, are various wishes.

Although people long ago lived in a different time and environment than us today, they are still human.

We as unchanging people still frequently go to the depths of mountains and give prayer.

It is said that this temple moved locations to keep up with the times.
Vividly experience the wishes of people hundreds of people at the traveling temple, Sanzen-in.

Take a hard look at yourself in the tatami room, and run towards your vision of yourself 3 years in the future.

Your written word becomes a charm,
and before long you set off on a wonderful journey.

Write, finish writing,
make it a charm, wait 3 years.

What kind of future will your words take you to?

With #AWordtotheFuture,
You will happen across a new you.